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vip mega race 2


Terms and Conditions

  1. POKERSD VIP MEGA RACE 2 is an extravagant VIP race launched by POKERSD. You can win from a share of INR 50,000 (fifty thousand only) by participating in the VIP MEGA RACE  across two leaderboards.
  2. The POKERSD VIP MEGA RACE 2  will run for 3 days starting from Monday 21st Oct, 2019 12:00 am IST to Wednesday 23rd Oct, 2019 11:59 pm IST.
  3. There are two different races for different stakes as THE CHAMPIONS( 10/20, 25/50), THE ACE (50/100, 100/200).
  4.  All the players playing the games will become the direct entrant to the VIP Race.
  5. The player needs to accumulate VIP points by playing hands at cash game tables to rise up to LeaderBoard.
  6. The VIP points accumulation will  be the same for all the players during the VIP Race irrespective of their VIP level.
  7. The VIP points accumulated in the race will be called as leaderboard points.
  8. The Players will be eligible for the prize pool once they meet the Minimum LB  points criteria of the respective race.
  9. The prize pool will be shared among the TOP 3 players at the end of the race.
  10. The winners will get the result through email and the Leaderboard winnings will be added as real chips which are withdrawable.
  11. We reserve the right to modify, alert, discontinue or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason whatsoever without notice to players.





  1. How to register for the POKERSD VIP MEGA RACE 2?

If you are playing cash game tables you will become the automatic participant of the VIP MEGA RACE 2.

  1. Can I play on more than one leaderboard at a time?

  Yes, you can play on all two leaderboards at the same time  and for that, you just need to play on the respective tables.

  1. What if I want to withdraw from the race after I deposit my amount with the deposit code?

  If you want to withdraw from the race at any point in time you don’t have to do anything as its a direct entry and if you want to withdraw your available real chips, you can do the same.

  1. Can I raise a cashout request during the POKERSD VIP MEGA RACE 2?

  Yes you can raise the cashout request of your available chips during the POKERSD VIP MEGA RACE 2.

  1. What are the criteria for calculating the Leaderboard points?

  VIP points accumulated during the VIP Race will be called as leaderboard points and the leaderboard points are calculated based on the rake generated by a player in a hand.

On every 20 Rs Rake generated by a player, 1 Leaderboard Point will be added and it will remain the same for all the players for the VIP race.

  1. What do you mean by minimum VIP points criteria?

  All the players participating in a race will be eligible for the prize pool once they will cross the minimum VIP points criteria for that leaderboards.

  The Champions ( Min VIP = 350)

  The Pro ( Min VIP = 750)

  If the players will cross the min VIP point criteria then the TOP 3 players will be declared as the winner and the prize pool will be distributed among them.

  1. What if two players share the same VIP points at the end of the race?

  If two players have the same VIP points at the end of the race, then the final ranking will be calculated based on the highest no. of hands.

  1. How can I cashout my leaderboard winnings?

 The winnings in the leaderboard will be added to the Real Chips balance and you can withdraw them with the same procedure as for real chips. Once the winnings are added there is no difference between the real chips and leaderboard winnings and you can use them to play cash games further.